At Magno International School, we take the nutrition of our students very seriously, so we run our own kitchen. We know that food is an important part of our students’ overall development and correct nutrition improves their ability to learn.

Our menus are prepared under the advice of expert nutritionists and are prepared by highly qualified staff, under strict safety and hygiene standards. Healthy food preparation techniques are encouraged in our kitchen, these include:

  • Steaming
  • Preparation in the oven
  • No fried foods or pre-cooked sauces
  • Reduce fat intake
  • Enhance vegetables and salads as a side dish

Supplies are made daily and weekly from local suppliers in the area, this includes organic fruit which is grown without pesticides or chemicals.

Our monthly menu includes culinary recommendations for our students so that they can learn about healthy eating, and parents/guardians can maintain the balance of the different food groups at home.

We also individualise our menu so that we can support our students who are on personalised diets for example those with allergies or intolerances, and those who choose not to eat animal produce.

Our dining room is used as an educational opportunity, encouraging healthy eating habits, good mealtime behaviour, hygiene, positive social interactions, and even sustainability and responsible consumption of food.

School Canteen Costs

€1.650 / Full course

  • One month: €180
  • One day: €11

Please note: One-month and one-day options are not direct debited. Your payment must be made for your total price (calendar month / whole day. 

In the case of CANCELLATION in any of the Canteen services, initially contracted in the REGISTRATION for the full course, the rate applicable to the service provided and used until the date of submission of the cancellation request will be ONE MONTH, corresponding to the services not contracted and will be applied retroactively.