Our Baccalaureate covers ages sixteen to eighteen, a crucial time in our students’ educational journey, as they prepare for their life after graduation. Our Baccalaureate programme is focused on delivering an extremely high-quality, personalised education.

Our Baccalaureate program is dedicated to guiding students both academically and in their personal growth throughout the crucial final two years of their education preceding university. Our aim is to facilitate their successful entry into their selected universities while also equipping them with indispensable life skills essential for their journey beyond the familial home into university life. With a focus wellbeing, we aim to develop the social and human skills that will not only contribute to their success in future studies but will also prove invaluable as they navigate the challenges and opportunities awaiting them beyond school.

Core Baccalaureate Year One

The first year of Baccalaureates studies at Magno International School covers these areas:

  • Spanish Language and Literature. Along with Valencian Language and Literature
  • English
  • Mathematics or Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Physical Education including swimming.

Elective Baccalaureate Year One

At the Baccalaureate level, students have the option to pursue studies in the following subjects. These subjects are taught by dedicated specialists, enabling students to delve deeply into their chosen topics:

  • Fundamentals of Administration and Management (core elective)
  • Fundamentals of art
  • Scientific Culture
  • Technical Drawing
  • Physics (technological sciences)
  • Biology and chemistry (health sciences)
  • Economics and the history of the contemporary world (social sciences)

Core Baccalaureate Year Two

The following subjects are taught to all students as part of the core curriculum:

  • Spanish Language and Literature along with Valencian Language and Literature
  • Mathematics or Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences
  • English, with a specific session to prepare for PAU and Cambridge official exams.
  • History of Spain
  • History of Philosophy

Elective Baccalaureate Year Two

As in year one, students in year two have core subjects and elective subjects. Here are the subjects they can choose to progress in their second year:

  • Fundamentals of Administration and Management (core elective)
  • Technical drawing and physics (Technological sciences)
  • Biology and chemistry (Health sciences)
  • Economics and geography (social sciences)
Additional learning

Additional learning is delivered on top of the core and elective subjects. This gives our students the best chance of success in their Baccalaureate years and beyond. It also supports our aim of producing upstanding global citizens with an informed, international vision, and further helps us prepare our students for university.

Additional teaching includes:

  • Philosophical cafes
  • Debates
  • Olympiads (including language, mathematics, philosophy, chemistry)