We are an English-Spanish International bilingual school, and we encourage a passion and an aptitude for several languages from an early age. The teaching of languages is one of the most important pillars of our curriculum.

Our bilingual model is based on an almost total immersion in the English language in the Early Years, a fundamental stage for the acquisition of linguistic structures and listening ability. The percentage students spend in each language becomes more balanced as they move up throughout the school.

When it comes to English exams, students take official Cambridge exams.

Third Languages

From Primary, where students are six years old, we also teach German and French. After students’ third year, they choose to continue one of these languages through to fluency. Our students are then certified by taking official German (Goethe) and French (DELF and DALF) exams.

Linguistic load per year

The linguistic load in each of the stages is approximately as follows:

Spanish and English Languages

  • Children three and four years old – 80% English, 20% Spanish
  • Infant (five years old) – 55% English, 45% Spanish
  • Primary School - 50% English, 50% Spanish
  • Secondary and Baccalaureate – 40% English, 60% Spanish

Third and Fourth Languages

  • Infants, 1st and 2nd year of Primary: 1 hour of German and 1 hour of French per week
  • From 3rd year of Primary to 4th years of ESO: 2 hours of German and French