Our curriculum is designed to enable students to reach their full potential. As a bilingual school, with an international student body, our students develop a truly global outlook and see no limit to their future possibilities.

At Magno International school, students enjoy an outstanding Primary education from six to eleven years of age. This is an extremely important development stage, so as well as teaching our students core academic skills, we focus on building self-esteem, nurturing friendships, and encouraging enjoyment in extracurricular activities. This includes getting outdoors and enjoying team sports.

During this time in our students’ education, they are exposed to a wide range of subjects, activities, and academic challenges. This enables us to un-earth and nurture our students’ passions and talents. It also gifts students with a solid understanding of a wide range of subjects, building enthusiasm for new experiences and helping us foster a lifelong love of learning

Specific skills we develop in Primary

The ratio of students per class is reduced in Primary, facilitating a more personalised education where we can meet the individual needs of each student.

We develop our students’ skills in essential core subjects including reading, writing, arithmetic, science, logic, analysis, and languages. We complement these core studies with more diverse subjects and activities for an extremely rounded education.

Below are some activities, outside of core studies, that our Primary students experience.

Sports, including swimming and dance

Our outstanding campus includes outdoor sports courts, an indoor sports hall, and a magnificent, heated swimming pool. Our Primary students use these fitness facilities to learn key life skills, such as swimming but also to develop psychomotor skills, spatial awareness, and even concentration skills.

At Magno we make physical activity fun and expressive, so students enjoy staying fit and healthy. Physical activities such as dance are used as a form of self-expression, to build confidence and self-esteem. Believe it or not, the skills we teach our Primary students through the art of dance are built upon in Secondary when we develop public speaking and debate.

A focus on Languages

At this age, our students are immersed in the English language, both written and verbal. They will converse in English, with peers and our native English teachers. Many core subjects are also taught in English, including science, arts, and music. At the beginning of Primary, students will also learn French and German, later choosing one of these languages to see through to fluency. All language-based exams are assessed by an official Cambridge board.

The game of chess

The game of chess is played in Primary, to develop students’ mental structure, spatial awareness, and attention span. We believe so strongly in the merits of chess playing that our campus boasts a designated chess room.


From the fifth year of Primary, students start to study robotics. Studying robotics enables students to creatively explore areas of technology as diverse as computer science, programming, and electronics. Robotics study is also known to develop problem-solving, critical thinking and other logic-based skills. At Magno, we have a specialist robotics room for our students to enjoy.