We offer a school bus service where younger children travel under the care of responsible and caring monitors.

At both drop-off and pick-up, there is a designated space for the bus to stop, this is within school grounds but away from the core building to keep everyone safe. Children are always supervised when making their way from the bus and into school.

To avoid any delays, we ask that our students be waiting at the bus stop five minutes before their pickup time.

If you are not interested in using this service, then there are many other ways to get your child safely to school. Contact us to find out about other routes that pass your home.

School Bus Costs

€1.850 / Full course

You can also use the bus on a daily rate, and

Please note: day options are not direct debited. Your payment must be made for your total price

The provision of the School Transport service not contracted in the REGISTRATION will be subject to the availability of places and routes. The price of transport may be subject to changes due to changes in the price of oil.

In the case of CANCELLATION of School Transport services, initially contracted in the REGISTRATION for the full course, the rate applicable to the service provided and used until the date of submission of the cancellation request will be ONE MONTH, corresponding to the services not contracted and will be applied retroactively.