Early childhood education at Magno International School is a nurturing experience for children aged three to six. We focus on every child’s happiness and well-being because we understand that this is a fundamental stage in childhood development emotionally and physically, as well as academically.

All our teachers are specialists in early childhood education. As our youngest students make their transition from home to school, we’re here to make this as smooth and calm as possible, by creating an environment where they feel happy, cared for and attended to. Our students come to enjoy Magno as home-from-home. Our fantastic teachers achieve this through workshops and activities where children learn through play, feeding their imagination and curiosity, whilst building independence, confidence, and self-esteem.

We also keep a very close eye on our students’ development, teaching and observing fundamental skills such as language (both English and Spanish), motor skills, hygiene, and socialisation. And we ensure our students are confident with core skills including reading, writing, and mathematics.

Specific Skills We Nurture in Infants

From day one, our native-English teachers encourage English language skills both written and verbal. As well as English, we also focus on mathematics as a core skill at this age.

Our experienced teachers take a multi-sensory approach, and among other things, students will learn the following:

Project Work

Our young students enjoy project-based learning. We introduce different project topics ranging from cinema to continents in a transversal way to keep their learning interesting and to ensure work is delivered in manageable chunks.


Our children work with music specialists, who teach in English. Music has many benefits for young people. In addition to serving as a platform for self-expression to build confidence, music is a playful activity that builds essential skills, including mathematics. Learning through play is particularly beneficial for our young learners and something we strongly believe in at Magno.

Multi Sensory Engagement Sessions

Our multisensory classroom has been professionally designed to enable children to interact with the environment through the stimulation of their senses. Multisensory engagement sessions enhance our young students’ social, emotional and even intellectual skills by providing an outlet for them to explore their curiosity.

Information Technology

To prepare students for our modern world, we encourage them to engage with technology from a young age. Students use a specialist application to help them complete their English work using a computer.