At San Alberto Magno, we offer a guidance service for students. This vital school function works with the whole school, including teaching staff, to provide the best support for students.

What are the main functions of the student guidance service?

  • Spot any potential difficulties with students early, to support them from the very beginning.
  • Guide teachers and students in the school values, and how like teach and learn at SAM.
  • Work with and support students who have learning difficulties both in terms of their well-being and academic progression.
  • Offer support and guidance to students as they transition between SAM’s different school years.

Our exceptional guidance service is accessible to students of all ages, operating in close collaboration with teachers and coaches to offer a comprehensive support package. Beyond academic support, our guidance service extends its assistance to specialist teachers and those overseeing extra-curricular activities, ensuring that students receive holistic support across all aspects of their learning journey.